Why You Should Use Spam Guard to Fight Spam Accounts on Instagram

It’s no secret that there is a lot of garbage on the Instagram social network: advertising pages, bots, and much more. Are you willing to detect and remove those accounts that are preventing ER from growing? Then use the program SpamGuard App, which has proven itself from the best side. It is worth understanding its main features in more detail.

What actions are available to users?

Spam Guard is the first smart cleaner for Instagram. Using this service, you can remove spam accounts among those people who have subscribed to you and users that you have subscribed to.

In addition, Spam Guard has the following functionality:

  1. Full account cleanup. A smart service will block those subscribers that are unpleasant to you, as well as useless profiles. You can remove ghosts, business accounts, and passive followers.
  2. Purification of ghosts. Scraper service allows you to get rid of ghosts. You will only leave profiles of real users to avoid spamming.
  3. Purification of business accounts. If you are tired of advertising, the service will remove public places and shops from your list. With the help of a smart system, you will even get rid of ordinary profiles that sell services and goods.
  4. Making report. They will provide an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the service. At any time, you can check how many unnecessary accounts have been removed from your profile.

Be sure to use Spam Guard to make your time on Instagram really comfortable. This is your opportunity to get rid of a lot of annoying messages, as well as keep only active users.

Benefits of using the Spam Guard service

This service has a lot of strengths. Consider the main reasons for its popularity:

  • you do not have to install real applications, because the cloud service makes it possible to use it even when the browser is closed;
  • Spam Guard service works twice as fast as competitors’ offers;
  • you can add multiple Instagram accounts to a single profile;
  • you can use the service both from a personal computer and from mobile devices;
  • you can add the accounts you need to the white list so that Spam Guard does not block them;
  • you can request a report at any time to evaluate the effectiveness of the modern service.

Using Spam Guard will bring you extremely positive emotions!