How to choose pictures that will fit to design of your parlor

The living room will look much more interesting if you decorate its walls with paintings. The choice of paintings for the living room must be taken carefully. Wall art for living room may look different. The main thing is that the paintings fit into the interior of the living room. Types of paintings for the living room In the living room you can place paintings of the following types:

  1. Modular picture — several segments that make up a complete canvas. Such paintings are placed in a certain order so that they form a single composition. Modular paintings are appropriate in a Scandinavian, high-tech, classic interior. In such a picture, as a rule, from 2 to 6 segments. Baguettes are not used to decorate these canvases. The picture in the frame looks exquisite and elegant. The baguette is suitable for decorating portraits, landscapes, made in a classic style.
  2. A poster is a great option to decorate a living room with an original image at a minimal price. Posters look great in a modern interior. Posters can be made in the form of photo wallpaper, paintings, stickers. When choosing a picture, you need to pay attention to the tone of the walls in the living room.
  3. Pictures of similar tones will form a single composition with a wall with separate bright details. Canvases that are in harmony with the tone of the walls are the best option for styles: classic, minimalism, Provence.
  4. Bright contrasting paintings that stand out against the background of the walls attract attention and look good in small bright living rooms. Placement of paintings There are many ways to place pictures on the living room wall. If the canvases are connected by a common theme, you can hang them in a straight line or on top of each other.

Different paintings can be hung diagonally or randomly, giving the room a special charm. Chaotic placement looks very interesting and stylish, the main thing is to choose the right pictures. On a large wall, it is permissible to combine different methods of placing pictures.