Whole Milk Can Help Get Rid of Garlic Smell

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, so many people are worried about the question: how not to limit yourself to a variety of delicious dishes in which the ingredient is garlic and at the same time not make a bad impression on your soul mate because of the disgusting breath. Scientists have helped solve this problem: they argue that there is a way out — ordinary milk …

Of course, garlic is considered one of the healthiest foods around the world. In addition, it gives an unforgettable taste and aroma to any dish, be it soup, main courses or delicious dishes for a romantic dinner. It was also used by the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt. Its only drawback, which repels some, is bad breath, which occurs some time after eating, when saliva and gastric juice affect this product..

An interesting fact is that in some countries, a person who tasted an abundance of dishes with garlic, and then appeared in a public place, can be quite serious charges of antisocial behavior. For example, if an employee of a Western company appears at least once with the smell of garlic, his reputation will be completely ruined by such a seemingly innocent offense. But you shouldn’t talk about the reaction of your beloved boyfriend or girlfriend..

Scientists at Ohio State University insist on minimizing bad breath after eating garlic dishes by drinking 200 milliliters of fresh whole milk after meals. There is an even better option — drinking milk directly with meals. In this case, the «deodorizing» effect will be more pronounced..

The explanation for this is simple. The fact is that the complex organic compound allyl-methyl sulfide (AMS), which is the reason for the appearance of an unpleasant aroma, is significantly bound by milk fat, after which it loses its volatility.

In order to confirm the result, experiments were carried out in which volunteers took part. They ate slices of fresh garlic, after which the scientists, for their part, measured the concentration of AMC in the air, which the subjects exhaled under various conditions. As a result, it turned out that after drinking 1 glass (200 milliliters) of fresh milk, you can reduce the concentration of AMS by 50%.