What to buy a car for a student

What kind of car should a student buy? The most optimal answer to the question posed would be the following. The student’s car should be practical, since it will be necessary to drive to the institute early in the morning every day, collecting all the traffic jams at this time. Everything else, this is a purely individual matter, which will depend on a lot of factors: the size of the wallet, personal preferences, fashion, the state of the roads in the area of ​​residence, the cost of the car at the moment, gender and others. An important fact is that young people have little driving experience..

What kind of car to buy a student. Model selection

You need to decide on the main choice of the model — domestic or foreign. For a student, the best option would be to choose a domestic car, the choice of which has a lot of «pluses». So, spare parts and maintenance are relatively inexpensive, but it will be possible to fix the «ten», «eight», «five», «nine» in almost any garage and any village (the article «What car to buy for 200,000 rubles» will help in choosing such a car. ). There are also many disadvantages, which, as a rule, relate to the safety, comfort and reliability of a domestic car. But for a young and novice driver, this is one of the best options. Of course, if a relatively new and not «beaten» model was purchased. The most «tasty» domestic proposals are the purchase of new LADA GRANTA cars or «seven».

If you want to buy a foreign car for a student, you will have to «dance» only from the cost. Only after it becomes clear will it be possible to determine the model and make of the car. Currently, there is a huge selection of options, ranging from the modest NEXIA to luxurious cars, the cost of which will be determined by many zeros. This is, if we talk about purchasing a new car (if you have already saved up for a new foreign car, read the article «What car to buy for 350,000 rubles»).

In the same case, when there is not enough money, but the domestic manufacturer is not satisfied, it is recommended to use the services of the secondary market of foreign cars (the article «How to choose a used car» can be selected). In this field, you can take a closer look at right-handed people who, at a low cost, can fully satisfy the needs of the student. As a rule, they are of high quality and comfort..

What kind of car to buy a student. Vehicle class

When choosing a car class for a student, it is recommended to stop at class A or B, since maneuvering in the stream will be much convenient and easy for a small car (see What car to buy for a novice driver). Moreover, a large car can create an additional level of parking difficulties. For an inexperienced driver, this is a serious problem. For a student, the best option would be a hatchback with a small trunk, compact and maneuverable, which can easily be parked in a narrow yard. Moreover, the cost will be clearly lower than other options..

All other features will need to be selected based on the available amount. But in the same case, if a car is purchased, then it must be equipped with tuning (how to tune a car), otherwise it will no longer be a car for a student.

But there are situations when a student has practically no money, but he really wants a car, and driving experience is necessary. In this case, your choice will need to be sent only to the «flea market» for cars. And among the available choice, try to find a more or less working model. It would be better to give preference to «Moskvich 2140» with mileage or «five». The model is pretty reliable and inexpensive. There is a possibility of choosing the year of manufacture and mileage, and there will be no problems with spare parts, repair work and components. But, of course, you will have to delve into this option. But, in any case, this is the student’s first car and, as a rule, it should be like this. That’s the whole answer to the question of which car to buy a student?