Types of cement

Cement is perhaps the main material during construction work. Since it has a fairly high strength, and is part of many building materials.

Types of cement and what they are made of: • The first is Portland cement, a fairly common type. It is produced by grinding «Portland cement clinker» with the addition of gypsum. It comes in several colors: pure white and colored. You get a white color if you add white clay and limestone (but with a very low content of iron oxide) to the main solution. Colored can be obtained if dyes are added to white Portland cement, preferably mineral.

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• The second is alumina, characterized as a fast-hardening, extra strong, and refractory type. Produced using milled clinker with addition of fired limestone and bauxite.

• The third is magnesian, characterized as wear-resistant, fire-resistant. This type does not require wet storage; seamless monolithic floors are often made from it, using polymer impregnation.

• The fourth is an expanding one, characterized as an increase in volume, during the hardening process.

• Fifth — it is waterproof-expandable, characterized as fast-setting and fast-hardening.