Newspaper Slobodsky Krai: why you should find out the latest news here

Among the huge number of media, it is difficult for people to choose exactly the resource that will give them reliable information. Newspapers are full of loud headlines, most of which turn out to be untrue. Unlike many media, the Sloboda Region does not seek to attract readers with speculation and fantastic assumptions. Slobidskyi krai is a reliable source of information about all the events taking place in the city of Kharkov and the region. The life of all the settlements of this region is covered on the pages of the newspaper and on the website. Residents of Balakliya read Balakliya news with interest. And the residents of Lozova are primarily interested in Lozova news.

Newspaper Features

Residents of Kharkov and the region completely trust the newspaper Sloboda Krai. Everyone knows that the information posted on the pages of the newspaper can be completely trusted. Portal employees never print unverified information. All data that falls into the hands of the editorial staff must be very carefully checked for compliance with reality.

Importantly, the newspaper is completely independent. Unlike most modern media, it does not belong to politicians or oligarchs and therefore does not defend anyone’s interests. Its goal is honest, unbiased coverage of everything that happens in the city and the region.

The main principles of the portal Slobodsky Krai:

  1. Be useful to all readers. On the pages of the newspaper there is a lot of information that will certainly benefit.
  2. Maintain authenticity. The newspaper has existed for many years and remains true to its traditions.
  3. Provide readers with relevant fresh articles on a variety of topics. The newspaper covers all aspects of society. Reading the Sloboda region, residents learn about incidents, innovations, the opening of new institutions, interesting cultural and sports events, etc.
  4. The newspaper is interested in maintaining feedback with readers who receive exhaustive answers to all their questions.
  5. The sources of information are representatives of local authorities and the citizens themselves, who report to the editorial office about interesting events worth writing about in the newspaper.
  6. You can read the Sloboda Territory in paper form or on the newspaper’s website. It is also possible to read and comment on articles on the Facebook social network, on the page of this publication.