MG 550 car

The design of the MG 550 is beautifully done and cannot be attributed to a specific school. If you look at the back of the car, it will evoke associations with some kind of Italian car, some parts in the style are inherent in Volkswagen cars, and in front, some kind of oriental beauty. But with all this, the design of the car turned out to be harmonious and balanced..

Owners of off-road vehicles, mostly Japanese, and of dark colors, are most closely watching the MG 550. And they look not casually, but with a keen and surprised eye, with curiosity. Surely, many owners of large and clumsy cars would like, at least for a day, to ride behind the wheel of a small and agile car. And if you have already decided to purchase this unusual car, but you do not have enough funds for this, then in the Webmoney online exchanger you can cash out the vmz on very favorable terms. Here you can not only quickly exchange Webmoney, withdraw it or replenish your account, but also not only save money, but also earn!

But pedestrians, if they catch a glance at a car, they will look at it carefully and for a very long time. We can conclude that there is, after all, some kind of attraction in the English style. This car is like a good picture, you find more and more new parts that you did not notice before.

The interior of the car is rich. For back row passengers, there is enough space for two, well, maximum, you can also take a child. The third passenger can travel only in the city, and long trips will inconvenience him.

Visibility is a little lame, the rack obscures the visibility of pedestrians. But this decision was made for safety. Indeed, in C-NCAP, the car received five stars for safety, and this is already something. In expensive trim levels there is a rear-view camera, and in cheaper versions, only parking sensors. Trunk volume is as much as 452 liters. Not that big a trunk in this class, but there is a full-size spare wheel on a cast disc. The cheapest version of the car is equipped with: a radio with eight speakers, alarm, ABS, built-in parking sensors, electric windows (on all doors, including door closers) and air conditioning.

The gauges are sporty, with the tachometer in the center and the digital speedometer on the left. The seats do not have lateral support, which you will understand when you sit behind the wheel. The seats are very comfortable, that you can easily spend 6-8 hours driving without consequences for the back. The car’s traction is up to 4000 rpm, a light steering wheel, not a stiff suspension, smooth switching of an automatic transmission and excellent noise isolation — as such, the driver will want to smoke a pipe.

You can drive the car at a good pace and for a long time, as the suspension and sound insulation are excellent. Cruise control, of course, is not superfluous in the car, but it’s hard to spin round pieces and you don’t always get to the right speed.

On the combined cycle, MG consumes 8 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers.