Garden path curbs

In order to give the paths a finished look, curbs are installed along the edges. They will play the role of decorating the paths, and in addition, they will not allow sand or gravel to crumble over the site. Specially designed curb slabs can be used to create such a curb. It is also laid out from a concrete solution, but in this case, it cannot rise above the surface of the path for more than ten centimeters. For how many years, at all times, it has remained fashionable to brick paths that are set at a corner. And if the remnants of the logs have accumulated from the construction of the house, the edge-cut border will perfectly decorate the path.

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For this purpose, the logs are sawn into wooden blocks, while their length can be from six to twenty centimeters. Before use, the wood is treated with an antiseptic to prevent premature rotting of the wood; for this purpose, machine oil or bitumen is used. Depressions are made in the ground along the entire length of the path, then, tightly stacking to each other, they put block blocks. Approximately half their height, they are buried in the ground, filling the space between the blocks with sand. Such a border makes the track especially original. You can use not only different heights, but also different diameter of the block.