Choosing a stove for a bath and about gas wall boilers

A stove for a bath must be chosen at the stage of designing a bath room. There are many stove options, and, in addition to the parameters, they differ in the heating method used by the fuel. It is necessary to find out in advance whether a water heating boiler will be used in your bath. You also need to determine the design and power of the furnace based on the size of the bath and the frequency of its use..

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When choosing, there is a possibility of encountering some difficulties due to the fact that the desired characteristics of the furnace sometimes contradict each other. The main goal is always the minimum cost of the furnace with economical fuel consumption, compactness and high power. In order to achieve maximum savings, make sure that the stove has enough power for heating and dispensing steam for the steam room and cleaning, as well as drying the bath. It is imperative to take into account the requirements of fire and personal safety. Take care of the protection of the oven body to prevent burns when touching it.

Firefighters recommend the use of mains powered stoves. When installing such an oven, make sure that it is properly grounded. If there is no ground loop in a private house, do it yourself, and do not connect the neutral wire from the substation.