Chinese in Naples

There are VERY many Chinese in Naples, as in any major city in the world.

But recently knowledgeable people said that their number throughout Italy does not exceed the number of Ukrainians..

This is news to me.

Since I considered and still consider Ukrainians to be our people, this is how I will call them..

So: as in all countries of the world, the Chinese in Naples live in their own community. In his China Town. Integration with the local population is minimal.

They are mainly engaged in trade and «restaurant business».

And this is how the Chinese differ from us.

Because we integrate with the Neapolitans willingly. We live where we have to. Only a few are in business.

Chinese weddings in Naples I see very often.

Even surprisingly often.

These are quite lavish numerous events with a constant limousine and lunch at a hotel restaurant in their own quarter..

But that’s all I could see.

And the other day on Italian TV there was a program about Chinese weddings.

It turns out that the costs of this event are minimized (by Italian standards):

— limousine rental — 300 euros,

— clothes of the bride and groom are also rented,

— wedding lunch for one person — 40 euros (Italian lunch — 160 euros),

— honeymoon trip modest and short.

The approximate cost of a wedding with 150 guests: from 6 to 10 thousand euros.

BUT!!! The point of a Chinese wedding is to raise money for future spouses. So that they can start their own business or buy real estate.

Therefore, envelopes from invited guests are required. The minimum «offering» to young people is 100 euros.

This is what the Chinese themselves, participating in the program, said..

But they also agreed that the final amounts were 150 thousand euros and more..

It is not accepted to refuse invitations to a wedding, because this is an occasion to meet with all relatives, friends and resolve business issues.

For centuries, parents have been looking for a couple for their children in China..

This tradition has now changed: the Chinese, due to lack of time, turn to special dating services.

They believe that investing money in a child is beneficial..

But investing in an adult offspring is unprofitable..

Therefore, the Chinese are in a hurry to marry their child on time, having collected start-up capital for him for future entrepreneurial activity..