Basement siding for home decoration

Basement siding for home decoration

There is a huge assortment of different types of basement siding on the market. Moreover, both imported and domestic, which is not inferior in quality. Of these, one can especially highlight the siding Aelit and Dolomite..


This siding ideally imitates brick and masonry. It has a high selection of colors and textures. Aesthetic and modern, it consists of polymeric materials that are not subject to the destructive natural effect. Also resistant to mechanical damage. It fits perfectly into any climatic conditions, both cold and hot, and can be used even in places with sudden temperature changes. It is used not only for finishing the basement, but also for the chimney, fountain and many other elements. In your free time, you can find out how the choice of panels for walls is carried out, this information is very useful.


Designed for the harshest operating conditions. Consists of the best quality UV-treated resin, as well as titanium and modern dyes, which will delight you in a wide variety of colors for decoration. For ease of installation, it has convenient clutch locks. Additional accessories will allow you to experiment with its design. This will give the house its own unique flavor..

Both types of siding are distinguished by their affordable cost, quality materials, ease of installation and a variety of external characteristics..