Audi launches Q3

A company called Audi launched the Q3 crossover of the smallest size car, it was decided to produce it at a Spanish plant in a town called Martorell in Catalonia. It should be noted that this enterprise was built in 1993, and until now it has specialized in the production of Seat brand cars. This is the first time that Audi has produced its own cars at Seat’s factories..

Up to 100,000 Audi Q3s are expected to be built in Spain each year, with the Germans counting on huge demand. It was for this reason that from the very beginning it was decided to release the Q3 in three shifts. The Q3 will go on sale with a two-liter diesel engine (140 hp or 177 hp), 170 hp 211 hp and a two-liter gasoline engine.

Q3 should arrive in Russia in the near future. In our country, the version with «mechanics» and a 170-horsepower gasoline engine costs from 1,279,000 rubles.