Advantages of the «Smart Home» system from Intaligente

Modern technologies make human life more comfortable and convenient. They allow a person to get rid of various troubles, trusting them to robots, instruments and devices.

That is why today the Smart Home system is especially in demand. You can learn more about smart home on the Intaligente website

About the project

Intaligente offers its customers a unique «Smart Home» project, based on obtaining data on the correct choice of devices intended for arranging the system. Such a system provides the owner with peace of mind, allowing him not to worry about the iron not being turned off, the faucet not being closed or the doors not being closed.

Such a system consists of several mechanisms:

  1. Smart door locks — designs designed to provide greater security to the premises, providing automatic access to the management of the house, regardless of the location of the owner.
  2. Smart lighting is a device that allows you to make your home more efficient in terms of energy consumption.
  3. Smart video surveillance systems — mechanisms that provide security by monitoring activities within the home.
  4. Intelligent hub models — a system that connects all devices with the house, allowing you to manage it, regardless of where you are.
  5. Smart switches and sockets — components designed to control «stupid» appliances, such as lighting devices, split-system.
  6. Smart thermostat — devices that allow you to save electricity consumption, therefore, save money.


Why is the Smart Home system from Intaligente so good?

  1. An increased level of security, since the owner can control activities within the house, regardless of where he is, by calling the police himself, or by programming the system to transmit an alarm to security.
  2. Possibility to save money, because the system optimally adjusts the consumption of electricity.
    Comfortable to use, as you can turn off the kettle without getting up from the sofa.
  3. Ability to program certain actions, such as turning on the lights or music.

The installation of the «Smart Home» system from Intaligente is a prestigious and solid solution that impresses with its capabilities and the ability to fully adapt to the needs of the owner.