Who is to blame that our city is dirty?

There is a popular omen that says that you cannot throw garbage out of your home window, whoever throws it out may lose wealth. However, not everyone believes in this omen, and in the capital almost at every step you can see garbage not only on the territory of houses, but throughout the city, despite the fact that janitors clean the territory of our city every morning. The respondents we interviewed tell us about their attitude to the surrounding waste.

Head of the House of Management No. 7 of the Sino District of Dushanbe:

— We have 30 janitors. They have a good salary — 135 somoni. Every day they clean the territory assigned to them and do not complain about anything. However, in practice, we noticed that some residents throw garbage directly from the windows of their apartments. Apparently they probably don’t have trash cans..

Javid, a guest of the capital:

— Everything I see terrifies me. I think the reason that rubbish is everywhere is that not all garbage bins are installed. Therefore, people throw garbage anywhere. We should think about this question. The best vacation I’ve had in Thailand, last minute tours to Thailand can be purchased cheaply in winter.

Muhammad Faizov, worker:

— I don’t think that the garbage thrown out of the windows of houses speaks about our culture, it means that we are all different, that each of us has an upbringing. We can already see that the authorities of Dushanbe have already installed waste bins in some places. Education is another matter. If a person has been taught from childhood to litter everywhere, then he will litter. And if a person knows that garbage needs to be thrown into a trash bin, he will throw garbage into a garbage disposal device..

Dilbar, pensioner:

— What are you talking about. On the street you don’t know how to walk, let alone talk about the garbage lying under your feet. Personally, I am afraid that suddenly some passer-by will spit his nose at me. That’s just terrible. Everything on the street was littered. Our city has turned into a real village.

Camila, housewife:

— The fact is that many people left here during the civil war, and residents of mountainous areas came here to live. They were not particularly involved in their cultural education. That is why our city is dirty. It may be necessary to release some cycle of programs on our television, which would teach them to love cleanliness..