What is marmoleum and its characteristic properties

Modern innovations in building materials every day update the assortment of shops specialized in this area. So the marmoleum, which not many have heard of yet, has already appeared on the shelves..

Marmoleum is the latest development of flooring, which is often called natural linoleum, since this material is made only from natural ingredients.

— linseed oil;

— wood flour;

— chalk;

pine needles.

In addition, if we compare linoleum of ordinary composition and marmoleum with each other, then naturally the natural material has much more advantages..

First of all, it should be noted that a clear advantage is its environmental friendliness. Also, such a floor covering has a very durable surface and therefore it is quite difficult to damage it, which confirms its long service life. Moreover, marmoleum does not attract dust, which greatly simplifies cleaning. In your free time, you can learn how to groove walls for wiring.

Marmoleum is produced in the form of separate durable slabs, which are mounted on a perfectly flat surface.

By the way, the quality of such material is second only to parquet. Well, as for the design and colors, such material has a very wide selection, which allows you to satisfy any client’s desire..

Marmoleum is used in many different premises (offices, trading halls, apartments, houses, etc.), and it is also ideal for rooms with required cleanliness and hygiene..