We make a columnar foundation. Part 1

The foundation of any building is the foundation. Of all its types, columnar is most suitable for the construction of country and garden houses. However, for all its economic attractiveness, it requires certain knowledge and skills. But, as they say, the devil is not so terrible …! Let’s try to figure out what’s what. By the way, upon completion of construction, you can buy wholesale bed linen.

First you need to clear and plan the site for the future structure.

Next comes the markup. To construct a right angle, we will use the Pythagorean theorem. On its basis, there is the so-called «Egyptian triangle», in which the groans have a ratio of 3: 4: 5. So, on one side of the supposed edge of the foundation from the corner peg (you hammered them in advance at future corners), we set aside four meters, and on the other edge from the same peg — three meters and make marks by hammering the pins and pulling a thread between them. The distance between the two marks should be exactly five meters. Don’t stomp your feet if the result is different. Everything is fixable. Fix the beginning of the tape measure at one of the obtained marks, and move the peg of the second mark so that it coincides with the division of 5 meters. Once the result is achieved, fix the pin. Everything, there is a right angle, further marking, I think it will be intuitively clear.

If, instead of a thread stretched between the pegs, pour sand or sawdust, further work will be much more convenient. In the next article we will continue the thorny path..