Villa purchase in Turkey: rules and useful tips

Among the available options for investing in Turkish real estate, purchasing a villa remains one of the most attractive. Villa purchase is a great event for many investors. If you want to buy it in Turkey, you should study the real estate market to find the best variant in compliance with your demands and financial features. Some investors prefer to buy real estate under construction to save up to 40% of its value. In this case, you have to contact a reliable developer. Stay Property Company is ready to offer you many villas under construction and already built in tourist cities of Turkey.

How To Buy Villa In Turkey

Villa purchases in Turkey can be attractive for those who want to have their own house near the sea or in the mountains. However, it is necessary to take into account several important points before making a deal.

1. Search for a property. Try to study the Turkish real estate market and find a villa that meets your requirements, including location, size, and cost.

2. Make sure that the seller is the rightful owner of the villa and that all the necessary documents (tapu, ikamet, etc.) are legal and correct.

3. Making a purchase. Sign the treaty. It’s necessary to negotiate the process of payment and to check all nuances. It will be better to contact an independent lawyer in Turkey. There is a system of titles to real estate, which guarantees ownership rights to the acquired property.

4. Property Registration. Register your purchase with the Cadastral Office of Turkey to get a tapu — certificate of ownership.

5. After-sales Service. Consider signing an after-sales service contract with a real estate agency that will help you with the management and maintenance of your villa.

6. Payment of taxes and fees. Pay attention to taxes and fees related to the purchase and ownership of real estate in Turkey, including property transfer tax and stamp duty.

7. Insurance and Repairs. Consider insuring your villa against various risks such as fire, theft, and natural disasters, as well as the need for repairs.

8. Take into account the costs of accommodation and utilities, such as electricity, water, Internet, and maintenance of the territory.

9. Visa regime. If you are going to stay in a villa in Turkey permanently or temporarily, make sure that you have the necessary visas and permits to stay and stay in the country.

In general, buying a villa in Turkey demands careful planning of all the nuances related to legislation, taxation, service, and accommodation.

Golden Visa Program

This program allows you to obtain a residence permit in Turkey automatically while buying a property. It is necessary to buy a house for 400,000 euros or more. You can buy several properties so that the total amount is 400,000 euros. You can stay in Turkey for a long time after obtaining a golden visa. The next stage is the registration of Turkish citizenship.

Stay Property manager can help you find the necessary villa in Turkey and to get the legal consultation get the residence permit and citizenship in the future.