Types of ceramic tiles

Dear readers and readers of our site, currently on sale there are a huge number of different types of tiles, if you decide to decorate your kitchen or bathroom and you need tiles, then ceramic tiles are best for you. For many years, ceramic tiles have been considered a common way of decorating rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Ceramic tiles — Keramo is used today not only for indoor walls, but also for external walls of buildings for various purposes. The preference for ceramics is explained by the fact that its constituent component (moreover, the main one) is clay, which is subjected to high-temperature processing. In addition, the tile does not burn in a fire and is easy to clean..

Classification and marking of tiles

According to the purpose of the finishing material, its packaging is classified and marked in order to know what the tile is intended for. For example, wall tiles are marked with a hand, and frost-resistant tiles are marked with a snowflake, a foot is depicted on a shaded background — this means hard-wearing floor tiles..

AA marking means that it is a low porous tile that is resistant to acids and chemical reactions. It is suitable for finishing showers, swimming pools and bathrooms. Less stable tiles are marked with the letters A, B, C. For the kitchen, wear-resistant class III floor tiles are recommended. Tiles IV, V class are characterized by high abrasion resistance. It is recommended for the corridor and hallway.

The color tone on the package is indicated in numbers.