Types and composition of roofs

The roof is called the upper enclosing structure of the building, which performs load-bearing, waterproofing, and heat-insulating functions. The roof protects the building from atmospheric influences and harmful substances. It must necessarily meet fire safety standards and at the same time look very aesthetically pleasing. By the way, if you urgently need a tool for repairing refrigerators, then you can always order all the necessary tools by following the link given by us. And also, there you will learn a lot of interesting things about refrigerator repairs and much more..

The roof covering is a protective roof. Between the ceiling of the upper floor, the walls and the roof, there is usually an attic, which is responsible for ventilation and protection of the house from the cold..

Roofs can be pitched in shape (with a slope of more than 2.5%) and flat (with a slope of less than 2.5%). The first, in turn, can be:

— single-slope. Supported by 2 external walls of different heights;

— gable. Supported by 2 external walls of equal height;

— hip. They are hipped roofs with triangular slopes, that is, hips that go from the ridge to the cornice from the side of the end;

— hipped. Their 4 triangular slopes converge at one point.

— broken. In another way, they are called attic. These are gable roofs with rectangular planes that connect at an obtuse angle..

The roof consists of a supporting structure in the form of beams, trusses or rafters, a base for the roof (solid flooring or lathing), layers of hydro and thermal insulation and the roof itself.