The prefabricated Portuguese house Gomos System from concrete goods can be completely assembled in 3 days

Portuguese architect Samuel Gonçalves has created a smart modular system for quick home construction. Its design is called the Gomos System. It entered the market at the end of last year with financial support from 18 local companies..

The Gomos System consists of a series of reinforced concrete modules that can be easily assembled on site. This makes it possible to erect the entire structure in just three days..

The size of each house depends on the number of modules and the final configuration. The system offers a flexible design, but most importantly, the owner can start with a small house and then purchase additional modules for expansion. Modules can be adapted for different types of terrain.

The process of creating a Gomos System house is divided into four stages: the modules are produced at the factory, then the interior and exterior decoration is done, then all the components are transported to the construction site, and the house is assembled according to the manufacturer’s scheme. Each module is shipped directly from the factory. Together with the modules, all the final finishing is brought from the factory: floors, insulation, windows, doors, utilities, etc. At the site, everything just comes together.

The simplest cheapest house (fully equipped and complete) will cost the user 50 thousand euros. Prices will vary if a person wants to change something in the interior, cladding or equip the house with additional functions (for example, solar panels). Some furniture (for example, a kitchen set) can also be included in the project of the house.