The introduction of a new driver’s license in Russia

The new driver’s license is now valid on the territory of Russia. The law on their introduction was approved by the State Duma deputies. This document is significant for all motorists in Russia, since it introduces twice as many driver categories. And the document also prohibits carrier companies from hiring foreign citizens who do not have a Russian driver’s license with them..

In the bill, all drivers will be divided into 9 categories and 6 subcategories.

Category 1 «A», driving motorcycles, but after 18 years. Whereas «A1» allows people over 16 years old to ride bikes (15 hp).

Category 2 «B» driving cars, pickups, minivans and off-road vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tons.

A «B1» for tricycles and quads.

3 «C» heavy SUVs and trucks from 3.5 tons. «C1» freight transport 3.5-7.5 tons.

4 «D» and «D1» buses and minibuses.