The choice of material for finishing the bathroom.

Many masters, starting home repairs, ask themselves: what materials to choose for finishing the bathroom? No need to rack your brains, we thought for you. You just have to choose the appropriate option.

To decorate a bathroom with your own hands, you should choose materials that are made using special technology and are not afraid of water. They do not harm your health and do not destroy when sanitized. In addition, one must not forget about the aesthetic appearance of the material. The choice of bathroom and kitchen fixtures is also important here..

Perhaps the most popular material for bathroom furnishings is ceramic tiles. She is always in high demand, as it has various textures, patterns and colors, allowing to bring to life any design solutions..

The advantages of ceramic tiles include:

• A huge number of combinations of colors, shades and textures.

• These tiles are easy to clean

• In case of damage to a separate fragment, it can be easily replaced

The disadvantages include:

• fragility

• Duration of styling and drying.

Agglomerate should be distinguished from the new finishing materials that are perfect for the bathroom. It is a wall tile-like material, smooth, glossy.

Advantages of the agglomerate:

• Increased strength

• Variety of decor

• Plasticity.


• Artificial material

• High price

• Requires special storage conditions.