Soft roofing materials

Traditional roofing materials are common slate and shingles. Their main property is the hardness of the material, which provides the necessary strength. More modern materials have new technological properties. Using bitumen as a base, manufacturers achieve extraordinary strength of the material. Polymer additives (they usually account for up to 30% of the composition) change the mechanical properties of the material, and fiberglass is used for the base, which gives additional strength. The cost per square meter of bituminous coating is no more than 150 rubles, which is undoubtedly cheaper than the cost of metal tiles. Now it is very often that construction is carried out with your own hands, firstly, this can save a lot of money, but it will take more time for construction than for professionals. But still, before building with your own hands, you should consult with a specialist, he will tell you where it is best to start and where to buy cheaper building materials. 

The softness of the material makes it possible to supply it in a more economical form (in rolls or folded sheets). In addition, if slate and shingles require a different approach when laying different roof shapes, then soft roofing materials are equally suitable for both pitched and flat surfaces, ensuring complete tightness. True, the laying technology requires special knowledge and special equipment, since it consists in heating the material with its subsequent laying without the use of mastic..