Selecting and installing a ceiling

Selecting and installing a ceiling

There are no trifles in the repair, and of course the ceiling decoration cannot be called trifles. There are many options for ceiling finishes, some of which you can create yourself, while others will have to hire craftsmen..

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The ceiling can be covered with wallpaper. This finishing method is quite simple and looks attractive. The only rule is that you should not spare glue and pasting the ceiling and you will need at least one assistant to work..

The ceiling can be made suspended. This finishing option is quite simple, and the design itself looks very attractive. The advantage of this type of ceiling is the ability to hide all technical structures and wiring. The disadvantage of such a ceiling lies in the impossibility of its installation in low rooms, since the whole structure can “eat up” about fifteen to twenty centimeters.

The best ceiling option is a plasterboard construction. Such a ceiling takes no more than five centimeters from the total height of the room, and anyone can handle the installation. All that is required is to correctly calculate the amount of drywall required and purchase a putty, which will need to be sealed. When choosing drywall, you should take into account in which room the ceiling will be mounted. In case of high humidity, you should purchase moisture-resistant drywall.