Renault will not buy out Renault F1 team

Patrick Pelata, COO of the Renault concern, said that the company is not going to buy out the Renault F1 team from Gerard Lopez, its current owner..

He also talked about the fact that they do not regret that they once sold the team to private hands, because it is not the owner that is important, but the indicator of the team’s good results. And we are pleased that we, as before, are represented as a supplier of motors in F1.

For example, Red Bull, who is the leader of the season, uses Renault engines. And it completely satisfies us.

Having met with his Renault team in Monza, Patrick Pelata noted that the team has already been restructured and now its organization has become much better and more modern, in comparison with previous years, which led to its progress..

We are not making plans to buy back shares for the team, but, with all this, we are ready to help the team with the supply of good motors, said Pelata..