Multicolor paint

Multicolor paints are decorative finishing materials. This type of paint is very technological and easy to use, and also allows you to get the widest color gamut. The composition of this paint is a mixture of paints of different colors that do not mix with each other. This effect is achieved due to the fact that one of the types of paint is in a liquid state, and the rest are in capsules. Thanks to this composition, multicolor paints can create a multi-color pattern..

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The main difference between multicolor paints is the capsule sizes, which can be large or small. In addition to decorativeness, these paints are highly resistant to both moisture and dirt. Surfaces painted with multicolor paint are not afraid of cracks, shrinkage at home and are very easy to clean. This flame retardant and environmentally friendly material resists contact with solvents, acids, alcohols and alkalis. Certain types of multicolor paints can achieve certain effects associated with similarity with other finishing materials or associated with something else. The most common types of multicolor paints are natural effect paints, wet silk, metallic sheen, Venetian plaster and others..