Mixes and impregnations for concrete

Today, concrete is the most popular material for flooring in any premises where the load on them is too high. In addition, concrete is the main building material in construction. If you are planning construction, then you definitely need high-quality concrete. During construction, builders usually live in cabins. Therefore, it is also worth ordering the manufacture of change houses..

Concrete has its advantages, low cost, good wear resistance, and is also easy to install. But it also has one drawback, its top layer is susceptible to aggressive influences. And most often there are the following violations:

— incorrect ratio of cement and water.

— incorrect content of cement in the resulting solution.

— sprinkling of fresh concrete with cement powder.

— poorly protected when standing.

— grout was not done on time.

— freezes when it has not yet gained strength.

Dry mixes are designed to improve the performance of the concrete pavement, resulting in a durable surface and a beautiful appearance..

Dry mixes can be with different fillers:

— quartz designed for coatings with medium load.

— corundum is intended for coatings with high loads.

— metal is intended for coatings with high loads and exposure to aggressive environments.

Impregnations are designed to increase the strength of the top layer, and liquid impregnations can be applied to both old and new coatings..