Inflation in Russia by the end of 2017 will be less than 12%

This was stated by the first deputy chairman of the Bank of Russia Alexey UlyukaevVLADIVOSTOK, PrimaMedia. It should be noted that the SPO of the bank, which investors had been expecting for so long, was quite successful, ”says Investcafe analyst Yekaterina Kondrashova. The share of OFZ-AD 26.4% of the debt, GSO-PPP 13.7%, GSO-FPS 3.3%, OVOZ 2.3%.

The latest forecast of the Central Bank is $ 65 billion. The thickness of the device is 9.4 millimeters, and the weight is about 180 grams..

Inflation in April 2016 was 0.4%. We need to qualitatively revise the policy for the formation of long-term resources. Revenue in 9 months decreased by 2% to $ 5.056 billion from $ 5.151 billion a year earlier, adjusted EBITDA by 2% to $ 810 million. The council estimates that in 17 years, many of the current traditional energy suppliers will barely meet their own needs..

We all now believe that inflation in 2018 will be about 10%, — he said in an interview on Sunday to the NTV television channel, referring to the latest forecast of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Central Bank of Russia. All countries of the former union have such structures, except for us, says Simkalov.

This is stated in the message of Inter RAO. According to him, unemployment has decreased by 55%, the level of national debt is only 10% of GDP, and the GDP has grown by 34%. All these nuances can lead to the fact that by the end of the year the rate will grow by 1-2 percentage points. This time it turned out the other way around. Most of the terminals existing on the North American continent were until recently designed to receive liquefied gas, that is, these are the so-called regasification terminals..

According to him, gold prices still have growth potential, including due to the growing interest in it from the central banks of developing countries. Most likely, by the end of 2017, inflation will be at the level of 7.5-8%, ”the expert said. All this will lead to a slowdown in economic growth, ”says Investcafe analyst Anton Safonov. It is expected that the volume of sales for the CZP group of enterprises, including subsidiaries, will amount to about 12.5 billion rubles.

The company has shown very good results in terms of revenue both for the year and in the fourth quarter, said Anton Safonov, an analyst at Investkafe. The official forecast of the Ministry of Economic Development on inflation for 2017 is 6-7%, the latest working forecast of the Ministry is 7-8%.