How to use the YouControl service

During such a difficult economic situation, doing business requires special control and attention. For many countries, cooperation with Russian and Belarusian companies can cause irreparable harm.

Features of the business verification service

IT company YouControl has created a new project that helps businessmen check their colleagues and other firms for bans and sanctions. More information can be found on the ruassets This service helps protect your company, maintain your reputation, secure your finances, and avoid legal sanctions due to the fact that you work with the wrong people.

RuAssets is an international tool for checking companies and their employees for links to RER, as well as their inclusion in anti-Russian sanctions lists. The RuAssets project can search for Russian and Belarusian assets and link them to persons banned in the European Union. Now this is the best service for checking companies for connections with Russia and Belarus. At other times, this project would have worked for AML and KYC operations, but now its tasks are slightly different and are in increasing demand among European businessmen.

Program features:

  1. Careful analysis at all levels for the presence of communication between countries and its individual employees.
  2. Fast verification for both individuals and corporations.
  3. Quick identification of individuals and companies among the sanctions lists.
  4. Ease of searching among persons recognized as terrorists and war criminals in the European database.
  5. The service began to introduce the possibility of checking real estate and the involvement of their owners.
  6. Soon there will be a function to track the entire chain of counterparties, investors and contractors of companies to the last link.

With the new service, you can check both individuals and legal entities against the lists of beneficiaries and owners in more than 15 countries. Investigation of the Russian trace has become easier and faster. You can trace any connection and contacts of the desired firm or individual with companies under sanctions and PEPs.

To search, you must specify the name of the company or the name of the person on the site. For clarification, you can additionally enter the TIN, if known. Next, you need to press one button «Search connection» and after a while the algorithm will provide all the information found.