How to extend battery life

Many people ask this question — how to extend the life of a battery? After all, modern car batteries can last about 4-5 years. But this is only when using the car under normal conditions. But we often store our cars outdoors in different weather conditions, use different equipment and many more facts that reduce the battery life..

Most often, on store shelves, we will be able to see batteries that are not serviced or require little maintenance. So, for example, it will no longer be possible to check the electrolyte level and its density, but still we will consider how to extend the life of your battery..

The easiest way is to contact a service station, where specialists will be able to service your battery, but this is a very costly business, especially if you know a little about technology, you can independently service it in the garage..

How to extend battery life — rules

A discharged battery must not be used, especially in winter and in cold weather, since the load on the battery is much higher, and therefore the battery life cycle is reduced. A constantly switched on light, stove, and other users will significantly plant it. It will be correct, after the trip, stop the car near the garage, turn off all consumers and let the car run for a few minutes and charge the battery.

Facilitation of starting the car. We strongly advise against turning the starter for more than 15 seconds. It is imperative to pause for 30 seconds in order for the battery to recover a little. Also, just before starting, you need to warm up the battery in a simple way — turn on the headlights for a few minutes (10-15 minutes). It will also be useful to squeeze the clutch when starting the engine. This procedure will prevent the starter from turning the gears of the transmission..

Cleaning the battery terminals. Clean the battery terminals from dirt and oxidation, check the tightness of the power wires. To clean the terminals, you can use WD-40 or special battery products. Another phenomenon of the rapid failure of their plates is vibration of the car. Be careful not to shorten battery life..

The battery should be fully charged, as the more discharged your battery, the greater the chances of a quick battery replacement. To charge the battery, you need to set the charging current not exceeding 110 capacity of the battery itself, that is, with a battery capacity of 60 Ah, the charging current should be 6 A, and the whole charging process will take 10 hours. Use only dedicated charging devices for car batteries. Also follow all safety precautions when charging the battery..

The failure of the battery is frequent, the driver is inattentive, since when the terminals are re-polarized during charging, the plates may not be charged correctly, as a result they will crumble.