How to check and change oil in a car

It is necessary to check the oil in the car on a monthly basis. And if it is necessary to replace it. Before proceeding with the replacement, it is important to correctly check its level in the car..

How to check and change oil in a car

Oil check

The vehicle must be parked on a level and level area. Then you need to turn off the engine. Wait a few minutes before checking for the oil to drain into the crankcase. If the engine is cold, the oil drainage time will increase..

Before using the dipstick, wipe it off as it must be dry when you use it.

Insert the oil dipstick into the fitting until the end.

Then pull it out and check the oil level. The level should be between the MIN and MAX marks. Pay attention to the color of the oil as well. It must be transparent.

An oil change is only required if the oil level is below the MIN mark..

It is necessary to add oil strictly up to the MAX mark and no more. Excessive oil can adversely affect engine performance. Also remember that the oil you pour in must match the viscosity and grade of the oil already in the engine..

How to check and change oil in a car

So, you checked the oil in your car and found that you need to fill it. Usually, the oil is changed every couple of months, or every 5,000 km. If you decide to do it yourself, then it is better to change into work clothes, or one that you do not mind. Since the oil change procedure is a rather dirty procedure. It is also better for this process to choose the moment when the car is well warmed up. This usually happens after a long trip..

You will have to stay under the machine while working. That is why its front part must be raised. Better not to use a jack for this. The fact is that he can slip out from under it, and then a traumatic situation cannot be avoided. A ramp is more suitable for this. Also, the car must be on a horizontal and level surface. To protect yourself even more, place bricks or cinder blocks under the rear wheel. Do not forget to put the handbrake on the car as well. You need to raise the car about half a meter, so that it is convenient for you to lie under it.

Before climbing under the car, also take with you the tools that you may need there. These are wrenches, a wrench specifically for the oil filter, a new oil filter, and a container with a volume of about 5 liters, which is needed in order for you to drain oil into it. Under the front of the car, you need to find an oil sump. Its location depends on the design of your machine. It looks like a flat container, into the bottom of which a cork is screwed.

Now that you have found what you need, you need to drain the old oil from there. Unscrew the plug using a wrench. Place a container taken in advance under it, into which the old oil will begin to drain. Wait a while for the oil to drain completely. But be careful, because the oil can get hot and you could get burned..

How to check and change oil in a car

Then you need to remove the oil filter. Its location depends on the make of your car. This filter must be unscrewed with a special wrench. After you have removed the filter, you can safely throw it away..

Screw the plug back into the crankcase, tighten it as tight as possible. In order to avoid oil leakage. And then install a new filter. It has a special rubber seal that needs to be lightly greased with oil. Just screw it back where the old filter used to be.

Now you can fill in new oil. To do this, get out from under the car and open the hood. There, on the engine, you will see the cover, which will be marked «oil». This cover must be removed and the oil must be poured into it in the required amount. Close the lid back.

After changing the oil, do not forget to check the car for leaks and the quality of its work..