Feel free to change the bath for a shower cabin, designers advise us

Changing the bathroom we are accustomed to for a modern shower stall makes it possible to very well increase the free space of the bathroom. The cabin is usually located on one square meter of area, which makes it possible to install it almost anywhere in the bathroom. A shower cubicle must meet the following requirements: tightness, good ventilation, a high-quality drainage and water supply system, and water tightness. If all of the above is observed, then after taking a shower, condensation will not accumulate in the room. The water supply is made from under the washbasin, and the water drain is made with a special pipeline. If the distance between the shower stall and the gutter is large, then gutter pumps, better equipped with a magnetic valve, can be used to eliminate the risk of flooding the apartment. By the way, before buying real estate in Voskresensk, check that the bathroom is in order, many forget to do this and then they have to change it at their own expense. 

The shower stall is connected with flexible hoses to the water pipes.

Good ventilation is extremely important as excess moisture is caused by condensation. Plastic pipes with a flat surface are well suited for condensation to drip down.

The cab itself should not bend during its installation, its body should not have sharp corners. And, of course, the tightness of the cab is the basis of its long service life..

It is better to entrust the installation of a shower cabin to competent specialists..