Features of bank account management

The average monthly fee for managing a current account varies from three to eight euros.

Conventionally, there is no upper limit, however, as noted by Stiftung Warentest, the annual amount of money for maintaining an online account cannot exceed sixty euros, otherwise the best solution would be to replace it with a more profitable option. In some cases, it is advisable to opt for an expensive one with large significant benefits.

In order to know Welche Geb?hren fallen f?r die Kontof?hrung an? it is necessary to study the main types of fees, which are divided into two main groups: paid and free.

Commission types

Many and varied types of fees are associated with bank accounts. Using the current list of services and their cost, you can independently conduct a comparative analysis of popular banks. Today, it is customary to single out the following categories of commissions provided for the management of open accounts:

  • making bank transfers, accompanied by the issuance of an appropriate receipt;
  • cash withdrawal from a third-party bank;
  • credit card and cash deposits;
  • independent return operations on the debit account;
  • commission for withdrawal and deposit of funds;
  • girocard;
  • overspending of the established limits.

Free services

There are accounts with free maintenance, but a number of certain conditions must be met, for example, the user’s salary cannot be less than seven hundred and fifty dollars a month. Many Internet banks practice gratuitous opening and maintenance of accounts, therefore, they become accessible to most people.

Often shareware services such as:

  • loss of a pin code by mail;
  • recovery of a damaged or lost credit card;
  • closing a current account;
  • entering the necessary information regarding the active account;
  • consideration of any complaints, even if they initially have the status of incorrect ones;
  • registration of inheritance rights.

In order to minimize maintenance costs, experienced specialists recommend avoiding the use of overdrafts as much as possible, not using ATMs of other banking structures, as well as paying attention to the most suitable online banking and ordering statements on a regular basis for more detailed tracking of all incoming and outgoing transactions.