Choosing a quality bath

Today, the most popular types of bathroom are cast iron, enamel and acrylic. There are many offers on the market, there are baths of foreign manufacturers, as well as domestic manufacturers.

Cast iron baths, which are popular all over the world, have a number of advantages. Cast iron is a good thermal insulator and can resist corrosion. In our stores, most of the cast-iron bathtubs are of domestic production, since it is very difficult to transport goods of such weight from abroad. These baths have a poor quality enamel coating. Imported products of this type are of higher quality. Do not forget also plastic windows, doors, stretch ceilings, ikea to choose they go well with the interior.

The cast iron of imported bathtubs is thinner and due to this they look more elegant. Imported tubs are supplied with handles and are lent at the bottom.

Turkish-made bathtubs please with a good price, but they can upset with internal cracks because they do not pass quality control. These baths have an increased percentage of rejects and enamel instability..

An enameled steel bath can be a good option from a foreign manufacturer, but it has one drawback — water cools very quickly. And also when filling the bath, an unpleasant sound is emitted. Such baths are supplied from Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Finland..

Acrylic bathtubs come in a variety of shapes and colors. They are made of sanitary acrylic. They are durable, lightweight and keep warm well..