British scientists have found that poultry think faster than many people

British scientists talked about another discovery they made recently. It turns out that poultry is not as stupid as many people think. To do this, the researchers conducted a series of observations, as a result of which they found that future roosters and chickens are characterized by some complex skills, for example, the ability to count and self-control, which, undoubtedly, is an advantage over the children of people under the age of four, since for them in such age, such qualities are not at all inherent.

Christina Nichol, a professor at the University of Bristol, has devoted 20 years of her life to researching this topic. Carrying out her work, she appreciated the benefits of working with electronic documents on /. She is sure that the opinion about the stupidity of chickens is fundamentally wrong and does not correspond to reality. In her opinion, birds have some talents that are hidden from us..

As it turned out, the intelligence of the chicken develops extremely quickly. For example, chicks, just a few hours after birth, can count to five, which is confirmed by scientific experiment. So, chickens were placed in front of two clutches, in which there were a different number of eggs: in one — more, in the other — less. Each time the chicks chose the tub with more eggs, even when the choice had to be made between two and three eggs. Chickens accurately determined which of the tubs had more eggs, and their choice was that even in those cases when scientists deliberately moved eggs from one tub to another..

Also, according to the results of the experiment, it became known that the chicks unambiguously understand that the egg that disappeared from the field of view still exists. For comparison: this realization comes to children after a year. Another fact in favor of chicken intelligence was demonstrated by the test: two-week-old chickens can navigate the terrain by the position of the Sun.

Christina Nichol summed up, saying that, despite the fact that chickens cannot make outstanding mathematical discoveries and contribute to the development of other sciences, they are able to develop abilities and master certain skills much faster than a one-year-old human child, who must spend years of my life on it.