Bonding ceiling plinth

The skirting board hides some of the gaps that may exist between the finishing material on the wall and the ceiling. To do this, first you need to take measurements with a tape measure. After that, it will already be clear how much material is required. Ceiling skirting boards can be glued directly onto the wallpaper or before gluing onto the wallpaper putty. With a curved wall between the fillets and the wall, a gap may appear, where it is enough to cover it with the used glue for the baseboards. Ceiling skirting boards are still preferable to glue before gluing the wallpaper. One of the advantages of this method is filling the cracks with a putty. And then you can adjust the wallpaper to the fillets themselves..

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You need to start gluing from the corner of the room. Here you need to use ready-made corners that can be purchased along with fillets. If there is no corner, then the corners can be cut independently using a miter box and a sharp knife. The skirting board must be inserted into the miter box at an angle of 45 degrees. Pressing tightly, you need to cut off the plinth at a slight angle.

Other fillets must be attached to the attached skirting board joint to joint. Having reached another corner, you need to measure the remaining distance. Then the missing part must be cut off. Glued fillets can be painted to match the color of the ceiling.