BMW i8 with sliding lessons

Gradually, the BMW i8 is taking shape. The car, in all likelihood, is already close to serial incarnation. New spy photos showing a prototype of a new electric sports car confirm this..

The novelty has a very seductive and stylish appearance. Moreover, he was caught just during a skid, and one can only guess what pleasure the driver is experiencing at this moment..

True, the outlines and details are seriously hidden by camouflage, but you can guess the look of the headlights and the «nostrils» of the radiator grill. The border of the door makes it possible to assume that it will open upwards. Possibly this BMW will have laser headlights.

According to preliminary information, the novelty will be equipped with a hybrid power plant of a new type, consisting of a turbocharged engine with a volume of three cylinders and one and a half liters and a capacity of two hundred twenty horsepower.