Ballistic wallpaper for military temporary shelters

The US Army is developing a special ballistic wallpaper that will be used to frame the military’s temporary hideouts. This wallpaper is not a decoration. They are designed to protect against explosions and various explosive weapons..

US engineers use special fibers in wallpaper that will help keep walls from collapsing during hostilities. The authors of the new development recall the use of adhesive tape during World War II — in Britain it was glued to windows to keep glass from turning into flying «daggers». This simple method has saved thousands of lives. Those who developed ballistic wallpaper acted on the same principle. Only in this case, we are not talking about strengthening only windows, but about strengthening entire walls..

Scientific mechanical engineer Nika Boone says soldiers often take refuge in abandoned buildings made of masonry, bricks and other materials. They can collapse when hit by a missile or when they explode (even a small one).

The new wallpapers, which were recently unveiled at the Pentagon, are portable and lightweight wall coverings that can be installed in minutes. They look like regular roll wallpaper, but are made of flexible plastic film with an adhesive backing. Kevlar fibers are embedded in the film in a cross pattern. According to Boone, the wallpaper can be applied quickly and easily. They will keep walls even damaged by the explosion and keep the walls from turning into a hail of flying debris during an attack..