Application of silicone sealant

Silicone sealant can perform a variety of functions and be used in a wide variety of applications. So it is used when laying roofing material, for sealing cracks and cracks. For sealing walls, foundations, floors. Silicone sealant, the best material for sealing windows. Heat-resistant sealant is used in heating systems, chimneys, for insulating wires through which electricity passes and other places subject to high and low temperatures.

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The viscous consistency of the sealant makes it suitable for use in vibration-prone systems. Since the staining of the sealant is a rather complicated process, it is produced in several colors. The main ones are red, white, black and transparent. When working with silicone sealant, it is recommended to wear gloves, as it causes dry skin if it comes into contact with it..

Despite the pungent smell of acidic sealant, after drying it becomes harmless to humans. In this regard, it can be used for both outdoor and indoor finishing work. Complete drying of the sealant occurs one day after application. During this period, it is not recommended to touch it and have any effect..