All charges against Madonna dropped

Elena Dunaeva, a representative of the St. Petersburg Federal Migration Service, notified the public that the officials of this department checked the legality of the performance of the singer Madonna, held last summer in St. Petersburg.

Madonna performed last year in Moscow on August 7 and in St. Petersburg on August 9. The support of the singer of sex minorities during her concert, held in the northern capital, caused outrage among many, and representatives of the public sent lawsuits against the pop star and those who organized the performance to court. In November, a court was held, which dismissed claims amounting to 333 million rubles.

The deputy of the legislative assembly of St. Petersburg Vitaly Milonov made an appeal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in order to check the legality of the pop-star’s entry into the territory of our country. He believes that the singer and those who organized events in the two capitals violated Russian laws. In addition, it became known about the illegality of Madonna’s holding of commercial concerts, since the registration of her visa to enter Russia corresponded to the conduct of a non-commercial visit.

Without the necessary documents, a foreigner has no right to carry out any kind of labor activity in our state. Labor activity is considered such if an employment contract is signed, as a result of the fulfillment of the conditions of which, monetary remuneration is paid.

According to Dunaeva, if the fact of the existence of a contractual relationship between the singer and a representative of Russian jurisprudence is established, as well as the receipt of funds as a result of its implementation, then the violations would be considered established.

As the audit showed, the production center located in Moscow has implemented an agreement outside our country with the singer’s representatives that the preparation and provision of venues for the concert will be carried out. There were no other obligations and no payments were made.

According to Dunaeva, the pop star issued a visa, which included holding concerts. At the same time, we did not enter into an agreement and there were no monetary payments. Since the violation of the law has not been proven, then there is no reason to bring Madonna to justice..